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Exhibition in Krasnodar on August 5 2020

The number of exhibitions held has dropped sharply amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Image - Scottish cat

In some cities, they were not held at all, others were announced for holding, but at the last moment they were canceled by the decision of local authorities, others changed their format, but were still held. We visited such an exhibition in a shorter format held without any visitors, with a certain time limit on August 5, 2020. That was in Krasnodar. Irrespective of all the restrictions and the terrible heat, it was a feast for the breeders.

Our colorful, handsome breeder Alister Radiant Prize was nominated for the title of International Champion and a magnificent silver girl Snow Star Candy for the title of the Breed Champion. They have received great descriptions from the judges and confirmed their breed. What's more, our favorite photographer Yulia Vakulenko took photos of our champions; the results of the photoshoot can be found on the pages of our cats.

Шотландский котик - Color Richness

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