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Sale conditions

And now I would like you to get acquainted with important information, without which our communication with you can go according to several scenarios. You have looked at the kittens on our website, studied the peculiarities of the breed, and you are now ready to decide on the choice of a particular kitten.

First, you need to make sure the kitten is available for reservation; this information is given on the page of each kitten in the Status column. Then feel free to call or write to us to find out about the cost and terms of purchase.

The second option implies that a kitten has a Reserved status, therefore, the baby cat has already been booked by another owner, and a Sold status means the kitten has already left the cattery.

Under the supervision of the cattery status is more complex. This status is received when a kitten may stay in the cattery to continue breeding work, but the status may change to Available one.

I can't but mention the useful information on the sex of the kittens, their parents, colors, and birthdays is presented on the site. Please read this material carefully to be sure of your choice.

The price for each kitten is individual, it depends on many factors: the quality and breed data of the kitten, parents, the purpose of purchase (for pets or for breeding), etc. Sometimes prices for different kittens can vary significantly.

Next, you need to acquaint yourself with the contract, sign it and pay for the kitten's booking. Then the kitten's Status will change to a Reserved one.

A kitten is considered to be reserved only after the booking to have been paid. Until then, the kitten is available for a reservation and can be offered to another buyer.

Also, the cattery retains the discretion of refusing a reservation and selling a kitten to the buyer without explaining the reasons for this refusal. We choose the best parents for our graduates: everybody is responsible when they have a pet as a new member of their families. At the same time, we are discussing and clarifying all the details and the approximate date when a kitten can be taken home.

Kittens leave the cattery at the age of 3 months, after a course of vaccination. Already at this age, the kittens eat dry food, use the tray and scratching post perfectly well, and are ready for an independent life without their mothers. While you are waiting for your new family member, we will send all the necessary information on the preparation, nutrition, maintenance, and upbringing of the kitten.

Also, you will receive weekly photo reports about how the kitten is growing and developing.

If you live in another region, then we will provide assistance in finding a reliable animal carrier (via auto, air, and train).

Our graduates live in different cities of Russia (Moscow, Kazan, Angarsk, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, Krasnodar, etc.) and around the world (Israel, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, etc.).

Together with the kitten, you will receive a veterinary passport with marks on the vaccination carried out, a mini-pedigree, and a memo of the owner. If necessary, we can recommend a veterinary clinic and a doctor for further service.

In the future, we provide information support to the owners of our graduates.

Third, if you are at a loss with the choice, contact us, and we will help you to decide by telling you about the character, parents, and habits of our kittens.

About kittens

Welcome to the page where you can find both straight and folded ear kittens. I have no doubt that you have already become a die-hard of this amazing breed, the main intrigue of which is the ears pressed to the head, which, together with large round eyes, makes kittens and adult animals look like owls.

And for me, as a breeder of Scottish Folds, the main intrigue is that absolutely all kitties in a litter are born the same, they all have straight ears. The shape of the ears becomes obvious only at the age of 3 weeks. Someone has straight ears, and another one obtains folded ears. Regardless of color, gender, and desires. The moment of waiting is truly exciting.

It should be mentioned that the kittens are sociable, playful, cheerful, positive, they get along well with other animals because they move freely around the house and grow up surrounded by other cats and kittens. They trust a human unconditionally because they live with us.

They follow the owner like a tail resembling a dog, if we consider that they meow rarely, but mostly purr or chirp in their own language, at that moment they are like a puppy. A Scottish Fold will be waiting for you to come home to watch TV together, cook dinner and just lie down, and the pet will definitely sit next to you on a chair or climb on your knees to purr in the morning.

Scottish Folds won't ride curtains and jump on a chandelier. Why would they do it? They have other interests. Scottish Folds are real intellectuals among cats: they are smart, with an innate sense of their own dignity, therefore, it is necessary to raise a kitten as a person. What's more, they are not aggressive towards humans.

We pay great attention to the health of our kittens, regularly visiting our veterinarian and observing the vaccination schedule. Nutrition is vital for a growing organism: kittens eat super premium food, both dry and wet.

From the moment of birth to that of moving to a new family, they learn all the feline wisdom: eat on their own, visit the tray, use a scratching post, play, and keep themselves clean. All these skills are taught by a mother cat, we only help her and monitor the health and development of the entire litter.

Here you can choose kittens not only with folded or straight ears but also of different colors. For example, you can find golden and silver kittens with green eyes, color-point colors with blue eyes, and also quite rare colors of blue and chocolate gold. We haven't overlooked also the patterned colors; everyone's favorite spectacular marble can also be found here.

If you cannot decide on the choice of a kitten, we are always happy to help you with advice.

Шотландский котик - Color Richness

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