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How does Scottish Fold's character differ from other cats?


Image - Scottish cat

Do you prefer Scottish Folds from all? It's no surprise. This breed is specially designed for families with children because the Scottish Folds don't show aggression towards people.

They are very smart, inquisitive, and loyal. They are difficult to intimidate, not shy, and don't like to live apart. Scottish Folds don't run away when guests come to the house but go to meet them, because they are curious, they are interested in everything new. Cats will follow a man, share housework and rest with their beloved owner, watch TV and watch with pleasure food preparation.

In order for the Scottish Fold cat to be distinguished by such qualities, many breeders are constantly working on the breed, they make sure that animals with a "bad" character don't get into breeding (shy, aggressive, unsociable). After all, character cannot be separated from appearance. An integral part of the formation of behavioral skills is the socialization of kittens, which takes place in the cattery while the kittens are preparing for adulthood.

The character and behavior of Scottish Fold kittens

Little kittens will decorously follow and raise their tails like an important escort who is busy with a very urgent business. These cute creatures are incredibly touching and affectionate, and they begin to purr as early as 2 weeks of age. That's why we often call our kittens extremely purring.

The Scottish Folds don't remember the offense and are not vindictive; they just leave and sit alone if they suddenly get offended, but they are immediately ready to come again if they are petted.

A meowing Scottish Fold can rarely be found, they usually make very quiet sounds, or chirp cutely in their own language. They have a sense of humor and love playing with their owners. And the whole appearance of these cats already causes a smile and a desire to stroke and play with them.

They are playful and quickly learn to open doors and watch you on the sly. Scottish Folds can be easily taught tricks, such as how to fetch a ball. Most Scottish Folds like sitting upright when they are interested in something. They like to drink from fountains for cats and eat from their feet, choosing food from a bowl. Scottish Straights often sit like people, sleep on their backs, and love to laze around.

Our cats love to lie in the sink or in the washing machine, love dripping water, catching drops with their paws, and drinking.

Neighborhood with other animals

The breed is notable for its friendliness, kittens, and adults get along well with children and other animals including dogs, birds, and even mice.

Scottish Folds are very tolerant to all the inhabitants of the house (other cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs). Among our graduates, there are those who live with other cats, dogs, parrots, and fish very successfully.

Small animals and birds are extremely rarely considered as an object of hunting, although this breed, like all representatives of the feline family, has a hunting instinct.

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