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How to bathe a Scottish Fold kitten?


This question concerning the general rules of cat bathing is well studied. Almost every cat is bathed in the same way, and even Scottish Fold kittens aren't an exception. Doubtless, there're some certain features of behavior, structure, psychology, etc. that should be taken into the account. Let's consider the main questions.

General principles of bathing

Image - Scottish lop-eared kittens

  1. The first principle to be memorized is regularity: cats respect the regime, if you decide to accustom a kitten to bathing, then this procedure must be carried out monthly because their coat dies off every 28 days when they turn 2 or 3 months. If you do not follow the bath time and bathe your animal from time to time, then do not be surprised to find your cat being emotionally negative towards your actions. Although there are cats that like to have water procedures.
  2. The next step includes thorough preparation. Considering the fact that the Scottish Folds are extremely curious, it's crucial to organize the bathing procedure in the way that a cat can see what is happening around it (it's better to bathe in a basin or shower). Water temperature should be 37-38 degrees Celsius, then you need to apply a certain shampoo for animals in accordance with age so that the kitten does not slip; next, take a rubber mat, wet the cat with water starting from the paws. You need to have some towels lined up.
  3. It is vital to have someone to help during the first bathing. This will facilitate the procedure, and you will be able to distract the pet by communicating with him, so there will be much fewer negative emotions and everything will be less traumatic.
  4. Prepare the animal itself for taking bath procedures: do a manicure (cut the claws), comb the fur, if possible, don't bathe completely for the first time, but wet the paws and play in the water with the cat. Talking calmly and affectionately, praising the kitten is the best strategy to have.
  5. Short-haired cats should be dried with towels, but long-haired animals can be dried with the help of a hairdryer or in a special drying box.

All the recommendations given are general in nature, and in your particular case, everything will be adjusted depending on the breed, character, age, and other factors.

Bathing of a Scottish Fold

If you have bought a Scottish Fold and now you're a happy owner of a kitten, let's consider the bathing procedure of these fluffy and big-eyed cuties.

You are a lucky one as no concerns about water flowing into ears will appear: their ears are pressed so tightly that it is almost impossible.

The Scottish Folds are extremely sociable, so by talking and encouraging your pet, you will practically relieve him of stress.

Make sure that the shampoo does not get into the eyes and nose because it's very unpleasant for the animal (as their eyes are large and the noses are small), no one is safe from allergies and irritation.

If you use a hairdryer, then it is a little bit easier for Scottish Folds to endure this procedure: just press the ears tighter to the head, and then the sound of the hairdryer will not bother the pet so much.

There are a lot of nuances, it is simply impossible to write about everything. And if you decide to buy a kitten in Rostov-on-Don, in our cattery, then it is worth considering that each of our graduates is an individual, with its own characters and self-esteem; and that very fact makes the number of nuances grow. Therefore, your approach to a cat plays the lead as bathing isn't a natural habit of cats.

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