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How to equip a play area for a Scottish Fold?


Dear owners, members of our large cat family, and people who are simply interested in the breed of Scottish Folds: today we have a very interesting topic related to how to make the stay of a kitten or an adult cat in your house interesting and exciting? And keep at the same time the furniture, curtains, and other things safe. How to organize your kitten's life so that it is not excruciatingly painful to part with your favorite sofa or cornice. I will immediately answer people who have been already puzzled by this question: it depends greatly on the upbringing of kittens by a mother and on the socialization of the litter, which takes place in the cattery. It is for the breeder to teach kittens to communicate with a person and have basic norms of behavior. And if you want to get not just a running and meowing creature, but a contact and sociable family member, we recommend buying a kitten in a verified and officially registered cattery.

Play area

And now, let's dwell on the topic of our article, because soon a living being may appear in your house, which will need your love, attention, and communication. When one of the family members is at home, there is no question of what to do for the kitty. You can play with him, watch TV together, work at the computer and do many more useful things. It's enough to have flies, balls, mice, etc. for playing. But what should your pet do when he or she is alone, or when you do not have time for playing?

Scottish Fold cats are very active and playful, and they are intellectually developed, so simple toys will not be enough for them. In this case, we suggest having the so-called "fitness room".

It must include a vertical scratching post, above 0.8 meters, so that an already grown cat can stretch out on it and sharpen the claws. And it will be very interesting for the kitten to climb up and down on it. Various facilities are also a convenient thing for the physical development of kittens. Nevertheless, you should bear in mind the height of the construction: it won't be popular among cats if it's located at the floor level because kittens prefer to sit in high places. You need to choose a construction with multilevel sleeping or playing areas. If there is an opportunity to make ladders, shelves, houses right on the wall, then your pet will appreciate it. I'd like to mention that Scottish Folds are not climbers, and you shouldn't make shelves under the ceiling.

Do not forget about educational toys (Scottish Folds need to develop their intelligence as children do). It can be different kinds of labyrinths, even made from boxes of shoes or equipment glued together with cut holes. There might be various pyramids, toys designed to get balls, food, etc. You will be amazed at how quickly and dexterously your pet gets balls or food out of the holes with its paw. Having different balls, mice, fish, etc. is obligatory.

Image - Scottish cat

Here are some useful tips

For those who decide to buy a Scottish Fold kitten it's important to know:

  • That Scottish Folds love sitting on the windowsill, so you can put a high scratching post next to the window, and your kitty will climb it up without any problems.
  • If the house is large, then put 2-3 scratching posts of different types (horizontal, vertical) for the kitten not to mix something else for a scratching post and not to ruin furniture, curtains, etc.
  • A small bench or box can be attached to a high sofa or armchair making it easier for the Scottish Fold to climb, otherwise, the small animal in an attempt to climb can cling to its claws and scratch expensive furniture; when he grows up, he will be able to jump to the desired height himself.
  • Be sure to treat all purchased toys and sets with an antiseptic to exclude the possibility of infection.
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