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How to properly feed a Scottish Fold?


Image - Scottish cat

There are several general principles of feeding purebred animals.

  • First, each feline has its own preferences and digestive characteristics.
  • Second, the quality, range, and taste of food may vary by region or local distribution.
  • Third, the option can be based on natural products as well as on the basis of dry and canned food.
  • Kittens' taste preferences are established at the stage of fetal development. In most cases, what the mother eats, the kitten will eat the same food.

Taking into account the peculiarities of our breed (Scottish Fold), food should be selected in a special way.

  • The feed should contain glucosamine and chondroitin, which have a beneficial effect on the connective tissue of the joints. In this case, an option is selected with certain indicators of chondroprotectors.
  • The diet requires foods and feedings containing calcium and vitamin D. It is a mistake to believe that the use of calcium can affect the shape of the ears: the effect of folded ears is fixed in the genes and does not depend on nutrition, but calcium is necessary for the formation of bones tissue.
  • Food must contain adequate amounts of protein.
  • The diet must include food that contributes to normal digestion.
  • Free access to clean, freshwater must be ensured for a kitten.

Types of food

There are 3 main types:

  • feeding with packaged dry and canned food,
  • using only natural products,
  • and mixed-method.

If your Scottish Fold eats only packaged food, then it is necessary to choose an option not lower than the super-premium class. And don't forget about wet food and delicacies from the same manufacturer. The portion is determined by the age of the animal, its weight, and other characteristics. Considering this option implies constant access of the animal to clean, fresh, raw water. This is the easiest way of feeding, in which the Scottish Fold won't be hungry if the owner leaves the animal for the whole day. The main point is to give a sufficient amount of food and water.

The other two methods provide for a more thorough preparation and correct calculation of the diet depending on age, content, taste preferences, health status, etc. Such a diet is calculated with the help of a nutritionist and is adjusted to a specific if necessary.

Owner's responsibility

The owner assumes responsibility for having the second and third feeding methods, as they need to control the balance of the food composition, the presence of the required amount of trace elements, acids, protein, fiber, vitamins, and other components. The lack or excess of any of the elements can lead to disruptions in the work of some systems and organs, a slowdown in development, etc.

Be very responsible when choosing the diet of a Scottish Straight cat. The main condition goes that correct, balanced nutrition is the main factor for a long and healthy life for your pet.

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