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What colors do Scottish Folds have?


There're great diversity of colors. From plain to precious. One can find Scottish Fold kittens of various colors in catteries. Where does this diversity come from?

Heritage of different breeds

Other famous breeds such as British, Persian, American Shorthair took part in the formation of the Scottish Folds. And each of them brought something different to the coat structure and color of these cats. They've received from the British breed such a consistency of fur resembling a plush toy with a thin, but thick, and dense undercoat, as well as plain (monochromatic) colors. There're also cats that come in a longhair variety (that's the heritage from the Persian breed, as well as colorpoint patterns). The fur is silky, it also has a fairly dense undercoat, in the area of the legs and muzzles the hair is somewhat shorter than in all other parts of the body. A small mane can be seen on the neck and a plume on the tail. The American shorthair breed impacted the childish muzzle expression and the patterned colors (tigrine, spotted, marble).

Color Palettes

Image - Scottish cat

Therefore, the fur of the Scottish Folds has a huge palette for different tastes.

  • Plain colors include white, purple, black, chocolate, etc.;
  • Tortoiseshell color (two-tone) includes red-black, fawn-cream, etc.;
  • Tabby (patterned) includes tigrine, marble, spotted, ticked;
  • With white includes van, harlequin, bicolor;
  • Pointed color (Siamese) includes blue, silver, links points, etc.;
  • Silver includes smoky, shaded, chinchilla, etc .;
  • Golden includes ticked, shaded, chinchilla, etc .;
  • And there are also numerous other combinations.

What kittens look the most impressive?

If you intend to buy a Scottish Fold kitten, then pay attention to the golden marble or silver marble. Golden Scottish Fold kittens look amazing. The same is true about silver chinchillas that look as if covered with a black veil, shimmering in the rays of sunlight.

Golden animals with blue, purple, chocolate coating are considered quite rare and, therefore, more expensive. When such a baby is born, one can immediately see his difference from the brothers, the pads on his paws are of a different color, they are blue, pink, red.

And the varieties with white are countless. A cat can combine pointcolor, patterned, golden, and silver colors with the exception of van, harlequin, and bicolor. We have such a kitty in our cattery, spotted bicolor on gold. This color looks amazing.

Colored cats also look amazingly beautiful with an almost white body, a dark tail, paws, muzzle, and ears. Their bright blue eyes are immediately distinguished in such a background.

But the eyes should match the basic tone of the coat. For example, pointed cats should have blue eyes, and the brighter and darker the eyes (down to deep blue), the better. Plain colors exist with amber, copper, or yellow colors. The precious colors correspond to green eyes of different shades from yellow-green, herbal, to emerald green. There are lines that inherit different eye colors, and these animals are considered to be the most valuable specimens for lovers of such an unusual exterior.

Шотландский котик - Color Richness

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