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Misbehavior of Scottish Folds. Litter box issue

I have already highlighted the defining traits of Scottish Folds, their character, and their behavior. A lot was said about how friendly, sociable, and intellectually developed they are, despite the fact that they may differ from each other in character. Today let's dive into the topic of the deviant behavior of our pets associated with untidiness.

If your beloved cat suddenly forgot where the litter box was and peed outside of it, of course, you should discourage this kind of behavior. The most important thing is to find out the reason for such an incident. The price of a Scottish Fold cat from a professional cattery includes not only a guarantee of vaccination, origin, but also accustoming to a litter box, scratching post, and socialization. This suggests that the kitten will not pee outside the litter box for some inexplicable reasons, there will definitely be a probable cause for this kind of behavior.

Causes of behavioral disorder

Image -  Scottish lop-eared kitten

  1. We need to find out whether the pet is neutered or not. If not, then the behavioral disorder may be the result of him or her demanding a partner and showing the owner that they do not like this kind of life. The way out is castration. The owners who have carried out early castration of their cats (at the age of 4-8 months) never face this kind of problem.
  2. Various diseases may occur, in this case, a consultation with a veterinarian and examination of the animal seems vital. In some cases, the pain syndrome when going to the toilet is connected in a single chain, and the cat is simply afraid of this item.
  3. Another reason concerns stressful situations and changes in the environment. This is likely to happen when Scottish Fold kittens get into a new home and are scared: they may get lost and, at the very least, fail to find the litter box.

There can be numerous reasons, each case is individual, that is why it is so crucial to find out the root cause of the failure in the behavior program inculcated by the cat mother and the breeder.

What to do and how to correct the behavior?

We ask ourselves this question if the castration is carried out and there are no health problems. If we have a kitten that has recently appeared in the house, then most likely this is the stress reaction to everything new. It seems probable that the recommendations of the breeder were not taken into account and followed. Keeping in touch with the breeder and consulting on various issues is of paramount importance. You can buy a Scottish Fold kitten in Rostov and get the opportunity for a lifelong consultation in our cattery.

The unwillingness to use the litter box may be its shape, size, color, type of filler, quantity, etc. In this case, I suggest asking the breeder and following all the recommendations or returning everything back if a replacement has been made.

Another reason is the arrival of a new family member or a new animal in the house. A pet may simply be afraid to go to the litter box if a scary and unknown animal stands in the way, and there is no idea what to expect from it. The self-preservation instinct plays the lead. This situation is more complex; another litter box may be of help. In general, each animal should have its own secluded place, its own bowls, its own toilet, its own favorite window sill. The Scottish Folds favorably perceive other animals, nevertheless, a period of adaptation cannot be avoided.

You will have to get acquainted with a new family member gradually, gaining the favor of a cat that perceives all new people as invaders of its territory and troublemakers. This is where the features of the Scottish Folds help to quickly establish contact and relieve stress. Play, talk, pet your Scottish Fold, and it will perceive you as a friend in a short period of time.

Any stressful situation can lead to deviant behavior, the main thing is that this does not become a habit for him and does not become a problem for you. The ideal solution is to stop the problem, find out the cause and correct it. And the main advice suggests starting with ourselves.

Cats are not inherently vindictive; they try to talk to us in every way possible for them, and whether we understand them or not depends only on us.

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