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At what age is it better to pick up a kitten from the cattery?


Let's imagine that you have already chosen a kitten and you're ready to purchase it; you have even called the breeder and discussed the details. What's next? You're eager to take the pet home as soon as possible because the kitten is so cute and evokes lots of positive emotions. But the breeder says that the kitten can be taken home when it turns 3 months old. How come? You are ready to do everything for the cat, but you still have to wait. Why is this happening?

Kitten's adaptation. The sense of security and the formation of mores

The breeder is absolutely right in the given case. A kitten shouldn't be separated from the mother earlier than 3 months. It's still small, has not learned everything, and does not adapt well to the environment. The kitten will have no one to run to for being reassured and patted. In the circle of brothers and sisters, the kitten knows perfectly well what and when should be done, but in the new house, everything is different and alien. Even smells are strange because cats identify their relatives and other animals by smell. Therefore, kittens weaned from their mother at an early age can become fearful, insecure, and the whole situation can shorten the life of the pet.

What is a kitten taught up to 3 months?

Image - Scottish cat

You are waiting for Scottish Straight to grow up, at the same time you track its development by photos and videos, and the mother-cat will control

the "baby" to eat properly, providing a source of additional nutrition in the form of milk up to 3 months;

the mom will take care of the fur, teach the kitten how to take care of itself;

she will massage the tummy with her tongue, improving digestion, until the kitten learns to go the tray itself;

the mother will instill the skill of using a scratching post;

she will show the way to communicate with people and animals.

If the kitten is separated from the mother ahead of time, this can affect the pet's psyche, make it insecure, nervous, unsociable, and it'll undermine its health.

The immune system and health

The primary immunity of a Scottish Fold kitten, obtained from a mother-cat, is effective for no more than 6 weeks. In this regard, any move at this time to a new place causes stress and further weakening of the body's defenses. The kitten can get any virus or infection, and the treatment will be very long and difficult.

You shouldn't take the kitten home ahead of time because the first vaccination is done when the animal is 8 weeks old, the second one follows after 3 weeks. During the vaccination

period, the kitten feels discomfort, and the presence of the mother will calm the animal down; a quarantine of 14 days should be observed after each vaccination. The kitten will be ready to resist different viruses after the 12th week and can safely change the place of living.

If you want to buy a purebred kitten of a cheerful, healthy, and mentally balanced pet, don't rush to pick it up from the breeder. Wait until the baby is ready to leave the house and its relatives. Then he'll be eager to explore new spaces with curiosity and enthusiasm, and you won't have to accustom the animal to all the necessary things, you won't be nervous and worried about the kitten's health.

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