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Vaccination of cats. When? How? Why?


Let's talk about the most important thing for every pet owner, about our animals' health. We all want our pet to be cheerful, playful, eat well and make us happy. These are the main indicators of the well-being and health of the animal. And our main task is to preserve it.

What are the ways to maintain a pet's well-being? First, conditions of detention, then nutrition, prophylaxis, etc.

There're a lot of viruses, bacteria, and pathogenic microflora that can cause very serious diseases for our beloved cats. Without realizing it, we can bring «enemy agents» into the house, so the kitten must be protected and fully equipped to meet diseases.

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Vaccination Schedule

The veterinarian knows what and when to vaccinate kittens, they are used according to a certain schedule, which takes into account the characteristics of age, the condition of the kitten, and the pandemic situation. Kittens that are fed by a mother-cat receive antibodies to those diseases from which their mother was vaccinated. But, unfortunately, this immunity is valid until 6-8 weeks of age. And what is then? What to do, how to protect a small fluffy miracle? The best way is vaccination under the strict guidance of a veterinarian who examines the baby, weighs, measures the temperature, decides on the possibility of carrying out this procedure.

That's the reason why the first vaccination of a kitten is done at about 7-8 weeks, previously, 3-5 days before that deworming is carried out, and, if necessary, treatment against ectoparasites can be conducted. Our next step is to carefully monitor how the kitten tolerates it. Drowsiness, lethargy can be observed for 1-2 days, the main thing is that an allergic reaction does not follow, then we immediately consult a doctor.

Revaccination must follow the previous step in order to form a strong immunity, and it is carried out on the 21-28th day from the first vaccination with the same drug. Subsequently, the vaccination is repeated annually.

What vaccinations do we give kittens? Without fail, in childhood, we must give a complex vaccine against the 3 most terrible viral diseases including panleukopenia, viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus. These very diseases may cause a kitten's death.

What's more, at the age of 3 months and older, it is necessary to vaccinate animals against rabies, repeating this procedure. It's especially vital if there is access to the street, communication with other animals, or trips on vacation, to the country house, etc.

Which vaccines should be chosen?

There are many different vaccines on the market today. Our cattery uses only imported vaccines including Nobivak Triket Trio and Purevax. These are polyvaccines that have proved themselves very well, besides there is Felocel, as well as the Russian Multifel.

In addition to the diseases already mentioned, it is possible to vaccinate a cat against chlamydia, leukemia, and some other diseases.

We advise you to choose active vaccines in which the viruses are weakened, then a more stable and long-lasting immunity is developed.

If you've decided to buy a kitten in Rostov-on-Don, then we advise you to contact a certified cattery, that carries out timely vaccination of graduates, draws up a veterinary passport, and issues it to the owner along with a metric of origin.

Follow our recommendations and stay healthy.

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