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Exhibition in Rostov-on-Don in 2017

Image - Scottish cat

We participated in our first exhibition in 2017 with our first kitty (a golden ticked girl named Mimosa of Sharm Suvenirs). What's more, the cat was the first one in our newly opened cattery. We were so worried because we had been preparing so hard (for example, we'd been engaged in buying exhibition tents, care products, and additional accessories). Mimosa was fully prepared for the exhibition: for several months she'd been learning how to sit on hands correctly, and I'd been also learning how to hold her correctly. I tried to teach her not to react to extraneous noise, and, of course, a full cycle of hygiene procedures was taught on the eve of the exhibition.

Since at that moment I was only taking the first steps as the owner of a purebred cat, the advice of experienced breeders, in particular, the head of our club Cleopatra Irina Ivanovna Dolgopolova, was extremely important for me. It was then that I realized that I'd made the right choice by joining this club.

As a result, Mimosa behaved perfectly on the judges' table, earned excellent marks, and was nominated for Best, which inspired me a lot for further work. The recommendations of the great professional Olga Mironova and the incredibly friendly experienced judge Olga Gruzd turned out to be very valuable.

Шотландский котик - Color Richness

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